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Hi There!

My name is Grace and I am the founder of Mink. I started this journey three [long] years ago with a demonstration of a makeup printer and have since been obsessed with digital fabrication of color cosmetics -- in other words, creating makeup from the everyday images that we see on our screens. More importantly, I've been working very hard to develop a version of this concept that would allow you to quickly and easily create exactly what you want, when you want, wherever you are.

So what took 3 years? hitting the sweet spot.

As a consumer myself, I hoped to create something that was not only easy to use and practical, but also something that was dynamic and alive, so that the excitement of discovering something new could be experienced for the lifetime of the product and not just the beginning.

As an artist I wanted to be authentic, aesthetically in design, stylistically to how I solve problems and expressing my perspective of the world today through creating something new and different.

As a businesswoman, I only wanted the best for my clients, some of whom I've had the great privilege to get to know over the last three years and deserve nothing short of my absolute best effort. This meant testing, testing, testing, many, many, different ideas, iterations, ingredients, components and codes until I felt it was perfect.


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To start making, you can download our color estimator app, alternatively follow our social channels to find 

and so here it is [thank goodness, hallelujah] I hope you love it as much as I do =)

xx Grace